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Genocide Book is #4 on Best Seller List 10/16/2003
For the first time, a publication on the Armenian Genocide has become one of
the hottest selling books in America!
Peter Balakian's critically-acclaimed book, "The Burning Tigris: The
Armenian Genocide and America's Response," has registered a sensational
sales record in the short span of two weeks since its release by
HarperCollins on September 30, 2003. Based on the sales reports of various
booksellers nationwide, the Wall Street Journal ranked it last week as
number 6 in the nonfiction category of its bestseller list. The Publisher's
Weekly listed it this week as number 11. More remarkably, The Burning Tigris
will be ranked number 4 on the prestigious New York Times Best Seller List
of October 19.
In the weeks leading to the release of this book, several major Armenian
American organizations urged everyone to order multiple copies of The
Burning Tigris and donate them to friends, elected officials, members of the
media, and public libraries. In an earlier column, I expressed the hope that
a large number of orders would propel this book to the bestseller list.
Little did we realize that our collective wish would come true so quickly
thanks to the dedication of Armenians nationwide who ordered thousands of
copies of this book within a matter of days! More than 20,000 copies have
already been sold and the book has gone into a second printing! Getting on
the bestseller list means that bookstores will now order a large number of
this book. It will also be available at all airport bookshops. Moreover, the
publishers will advertise and promote it heavily as a bestseller. In other
words, getting on the bestseller list would ensure that even more copies of
this book would be sold, disseminating the facts of the Armenian Genocide to
a national and international audience. Such a widespread dissemination would
help counter the lies and distortions constantly spewed by mercenary pens
hired by the Turkish government.
Mr. Balakian will appear shortly on several national TV programs to talk
about his book as well as the Armenian Genocide. He has embarked on a
16-city promotional tour during which he will read excerpts from The Burning
Tigris and autograph copies of his book. The cities he will be visiting are:
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Detroit, New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago,
Philadelphia, Worcester, Boston, Portland (Maine), Fresno, Berkeley, San
Francisco, Burbank, Glendale, and Seattle. For the specific dates in each
city, please consult the website,
The Burning Tigris may be ordered on-line from and Barnes & Noble
( or purchased from any bookstore. Now that this valuable
book is on the bestseller list, we need to keep purchasing more copies so
that it would stay on the bestseller list for as many weeks as possible!
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