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Y. Auron Issues Statement on Pro Armenia Conference 02/18/2003
The Board of Directors of the Zoryan Institute is gratified with the prompt action of the Pro Armenia organizing committee, who have issued a communiqué in Paris, dated February 7, 2003, regarding the withdrawal of Prof. Yair Auron's invitation to the Pro Armenia conference, January 31-February 2, 2003. We understand from Prof. Auron that the organizers have expressed their "profound regret over the unjustified actions taken."

Prof. Auron declared his sincere appreciation for the display of solidarity he has received from so many distinguished scholars and concerned individuals. "I am deeply moved by the immediate show of support I have received from so many concerned Armenians. I must give special thanks to Dr. Yves Ternon, as well as my colleagues on the Board of Directors of the Zoryan Institute, who were instrumental in raising awareness of this issue, and in facilitating a dialogue and a resolution."
Prof. Auron has stated that he feels this issue is now behind all of us and expressed the hope that such a thing would never recur. He then reaffirmed his commitment to the Armenian cause, by quoting from the letter he sent to the conference organizers and read by Yves Ternon at the conference, as follows.

"Let us remember that our common struggle for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide bears, at least for me, a major moral significance, and that in our joint moral struggle we must be consistent.
"I can assure you that I will continue my struggle for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel and by the world. This is my obligation to myself as a human being; this is my obligation as a Jew and an Israeli."

The Zoryan Institute is a non-profit, international center devoted to the research and documentation of contemporary issues related to the history, politics, society, and culture of Armenia and Armenians around the world.
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