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Reader's letters
Rafayel Gazarian's open letter 22/03/2003 
Dear all,

I invite you to read and distibute this letter.
It's an important analysis done by a honest and objective intellectual.
It is available to-day  in Armenian on Vosgouny's site.
A1+ summarised english version below does give the meaning but not the full bitterness
of our courageous  Academician 

Regards ,
Robert Aydabirian
Y. Auron Issues Statement on Pro Armenia Conference 18/02/2003 
The Board of Directors of the Zoryan Institute is gratified with the prompt action of the Pro Armenia organizing committee, who have issued a communiqué in Paris, dated February 7, 2003, regarding the withdrawal of Prof. Yair Auron's invitation to the Pro Armenia conference, January 31-February 2, 2003. We understand from Prof. Auron that the organizers have expressed their "profound regret over the unjustified actions taken."

Prof. Auron declared his sincere appreciation for the ... 
Pro Armenia : Communiqué de H. Kassardjian 13/02/2003 
Press release of Hagop Kassardjian 

Deputy at Lebanese Parlement
Chairman of ADL Center committee

Zartonk (Liban)  7 Feb ... 
Pro Armenia I herebey protest and condemn .... 10/02/2003 
From A. Nazarian
The Hague, The Netherlands
I herebey protest and condemn in strongest terms the decision to exclude Professor Yair Auron from the "Pro-Armenia" conference" in Paris.
The exclusion is all the more damaging to the Armenian Cause considering the fact that Prof. Auron is one of the very few Jewish scholars who do their best in Israel for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
I heve been myself witness to the very valuable ...