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Armenia's Foreign Policy 27/01/2004 
Armenia's Foreign Policy Challenges
Armenia is a minor country, yet it is compelled to develop and execute a multi-dimensional and broad foreign policy because of its geographic location and because of its complex historic legacy.
No matter how skillful the diplomats and statesmen of a country may be, their achievements will only be commensurate to the political weight that their respective country carries into the international ... 
Ugly turn in the Caucasus 09/12/2003 
December 9, 2003
Ugly turn in the Caucasus
The specter of strong-arm intervention was hovering over the Caucasus region for a long time.  It became an ugly and ominous reality as the demi-god of war, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, marched into Azerbaijan and Georgia, skirting Armenia.  That was a demonstrative gesture to signal that the first two countries had fallen under U.S. sway, while Armenia wavered in the Russian ... 
Georgian Turmoil 18/11/2003 
November 18, 2003
Georgian Turmoil may destabilize the Caucasus
If the powder keg known as the Caucasus region needed another shockwave, Georgia has provided it through its parliamentary election held on November 2.  Georgia is Armenia's next-door neighbor, with a population of 4.9 million, and a territory of 69,700 sq. km, compared to Armenia's 30,000 sq. km.  The country is the only other Christian nation in the area, with a ... 
Armenians of the World, Unite 11/10/2003 

Armenians of the World, Unite

Entrepreneur Ara Abrahamian has a grand vision for Armenians around the
world. He also fortunately seems to have both the money, and the dedication, to
actually make a difference.

Armenians are a famously independent group of people. As someone observed,
look at all the fields in which Armenians succeed: tennis, business, chess, etc.
Consider that Andre Agassi and ... 
Turkish Embargo 03/09/2003 

Turkish Embargo of Armenia

Ever since Armenia gained independence Turkey and Azerbaijan have joined forces to stifle the fledgling republic.  In addition to ordinary problems of transition from the centralized Soviet system to a free and democratic regime, Armenia was burdened with the huge catastrophe of a major earthquake.  Rather than helping a stricken people, Turkey blocked the relief routes, rendering a tough situation even ... 
Setbacks for Armenia
Setbacks for Armenia
During the last ten days Armenians suffered two significant political setbacks in Washington.  The first one was the elimination of the genocide resolution, which was being drafted for a vote.  Armenian Caucus members read the handwriting on the all and withdrew the resolution in view of the aggressive campaign conducted by the administration to defeat it.  The other setback was the reduction of the aid ... 
Double talk - Turkish style 26/06/2003 

Double talk - Turkish style

The new Islamist government of Turkey is on a campaign to dupe the public opinion in Europe and the US and continue its repression of minorities.  There is a profusion of news items in the media to make believe that a breakthrough is about to happen in Armenian-Turkish relations: Indeed, Turkey's Foreign Minister Abdulla Gul met with his Armenian counterpart, Vartan Oskanian, in Madrid and the information emanating from ... 
Armenians caught off guard ... 10/06/2003 

Armenians caught off guard ... again

The recent Turkish diplomatic initiative has caught the Armenian leadership off guard .... again.

Last week TARC held a meeting in Istanbul after a long lull.  Before that, the foreign ministers of Armenia and Turkey, Vartan Oskanian and Abdullah Gul, met in Spain.  The outcome of those two meetings was the news that Armenia-Turkey border may reopen soon, without necessarily establishing formal ... 
Freedom of the Press 20/05/2003 

Freedom of the Press

A recent survey by Freedom House had put under scrutiny the news media of the three republics in the Caucasus.  The report had lumped Armenia with Azerbaijan, as countries denying freedom to the press, and Georgia was listed as having a partially free press.

To begin with it is an insult for Armenia to be compared with Azerbaijan, which is ruled by an autocratic despot, a former KGB colonel.  And the criteria used ... 
New Turkey is old Turkey 29/04/2003 

New Turkey is old Turkey

The more it changes, the more it remains the same.  We mean Turkey.  In its desire to join the European Union Turkey was forced to make some half-hearted efforts to make European leaders believe that it was capable and willing to change, to be ready to apply European standards of democracy at home and abroad. 

The outgoing Ecevit government had drafted some changes to the constitution, which the new ... 
Election prospects in Armenia 22/04/2003 
Election prospects in Armenia

May 25th will mark a watershed in Armenia's political life, as the elections of the National Assembly (Parliament) will take place on that date.  Calm has not been restored in the country since the Presidential election last March.  It is very convenient for the opposition to continue fomenting agitation to put the government on the defensive, or even better, forcing it to resort to law ... 
What Price Justice ? 08/04/2003 

What Price Justice? 

It will take long and painful years for the former Soviet republics to establish rule of law and dispense justice on the level of Western civilized countries.  Many groups in those countries have taken the law into their hands and settle scores with their enemies and competitors outside the jurisdiction of the courts, and with the breakdown of the Soviet system the former law enforcement officers have become lawless ... 
"Civilized" Turkey continues to usurp Armenian property 18/03/2003 

"Civilized" Turkey continues to usurp Armenian property

Last December, hoping that the European Union would be ready to set a date for negotiations leading to Turkey's admission to the Union, the Turkish parliament made some cosmetic changes to its constitution regarding minorities, human rights, the death penalty and a host of reforms that European Union had set as conditions for Turkey's admission.

Those familiar with Turkey's bloody history ... 
A subtle warning to Armenia 04/03/2003 
A subtle warning to Armenia 
By E. Azadian 

The Nagorno Karabagh conflict remains one of the most intractable among the Caucasus political issues.  It has been on the back burner since the ceasefire in 1994 between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Because of the impending war in Iraq, the international situation is focused on that country for now.  But not for too long.  As soon as the Iraqi issue is settled the Caucasus will emerge as the next ... 
Presidential election in Armenia 25/02/2003 
Presidential election in Armenia
by Edmond Azadian

It was too good to be true.  The election campaign in Armenia was conducted in an orderly and smooth fashion, except for two incidents that marred the process for a while - the assassination of Tigran Naghdalian, director of public TV, and the stabbing of an opposition member of the parliament.  Although serious in themselves, these incidents did not impact heavily the election campaign and the ... 
Is the Armenian cause anyone's monopoly? 11/02/2003 
Is the Armenian cause anyone's monopoly?
by Edmond Azadian

Is patriotism a monopoly?  Is the Armenian cause anyone's monopoly?  Apparently so for some Armenians.  For a long time members of the Dashnak party professed that whoever did not belong to the party should not claim to be an Armenian.  This dogma was loudly pronounced by the rank and file of that organization, but it was also practiced quietly by the leadership, narrowing down the ... 
Democracy in Armenia 27/01/2003 
Democracy in Armenia
by Edmond Azadian

The presidential election on February 19 is one more test to gauge Armenia's democratic credentials.

A recent State Department report on the progress of the democratization process has ranked Armenia among four former Soviet republics run by a democratic form of government, while Azerbaijan was slated as a "fake democracy".

Our State Department dispenses these democratic labels freely to many countries, yet ... 
"There are more positive elements in Armenia-Azeri dialog than reflected at U.N. session" 26/09/2002 
"There are more positive elements in Armenia-Azeri dialog than reflected at U.N. session", says Foreign Minister of Armenia Vartan Oskanian

Interviewed by Edmond Y. Azadian  
September 26,2002 issue of the Mirror-Spectator.

Following his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Armenia's Foreign Minister, Mr. Vartan Oskanian, had a whirlwind tour of the East Coast, delivering lectures at Tufts University (Boston, MA), Yale (New Haven, CT) and the ... 
Detroit Armenians host a warm reception for Armenia's Foreign Minister 26/09/2002 
by Lucy Ardash
September 26,2002 issue of the Mirror-Spectator.
Amid a whirlwind of activities, the Honorable Vartan Oskanian, Minister of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and his wife, Dr. Nanig
Oskanian, visited the Detroit area on September 20-21 as part of a
multi-city fund raising effort.  Accompanying him were the Honorable Arman
Kirakossian, Armenian Ambassador to the U.S., along with Salpi Ghazarian,
Executive ... 
EDITORIAL 10/09/2002 
As the debate about Iraq rages in the news media and world political forums, a sideshow is shaping up in the Middle East. Hawks in the Bush administration have their own agenda to attack Iraq, namely to eliminate a hostile regime to Israel, to fatten the coffers of oil companies and to cater to the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower had warned against.
The actors in the Middle Eastern sideshow ... 
Baroness Cox Makes Case for Karabagh at UN 10/09/2002 
By Florence Avakian
Special to the Mirror-Spectator

UNITED NATIONS, NY ' Monday, September 9 was a special day at the United  Nations for the Karabagh question. Through the eloquent words of Baroness  Caroline Cox, the issue received attention before an international audience.  It was part of the 55th annual conference at the world body, entitled  "Rebuilding Societies Emerging from Conflict: A Shared Responsibility," under  the aegis of the ... 
EDITORIAL 21/08/2002 
August 2, 2002 is hailed as a historic day in Turkey because that datemarks the passage of the package of laws in the Parliament to qualify Turkey for membership in the European Union.
Heated debate in the Turkish media preceded the vote in the Parliament. The Turks identified each segment of the package with an individual or with a minority. The abolition of the death penalty would spare Ocalan's life, the head of rebel ...