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The objectives of ADL Ramgavar
Obtain through the states and the different organisations, the recognition, by the International instances, of the Armenian Genocide and also the reparation by Turkey for the goods and properties of armenians that she spoiled.
Obtenir à travers les états et diverses organisations, la reconaissance du génocide arménien par les instances internationales, ainsi que la juste réparation par la Turquie pour les terres et les biens arméniens qu'elle a spoliés.


I read the open letter to the Israeli Embassador in your country, on Shimon Peres unfortunate definition of the Armenian Genocide.
I would like to express my shame, as a Jew and as an Israeli over the fact that our relation with Turkey have led our Foreign Minister to virtually deny the fact that a genocide took place against Armenians in Turkey, mainly between the years 1915-1920.
Shimon Peres, doing that, cannot be seen as respresenting the view on the matter of the Jewish people, neither that of Israel. I, and all descent people here in Israel were outraged hearing that quote from the Turkish daily.
We Jews and you Armenians share a common fate in the violent and nationalistic 20's century, and I want you to know that 99.9% of all educated Jews feel great sympathy for Armenians and for the Armenian cause for the world to acknowledge this genocide.
Please accept my deepest apologies.
Daniel Weissmann, Tel Aviv
June 06, 2002